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About Shyam

Shyam Madhavan Sarada is a first-generation entrepreneur, self-taught writer & illustrator, designer, photographer, filmmaker and diehard potato-lover. He is the founder of Wannabe Studios and The Stepping Stone Film Festival (The S2F2), and is also a founding member of Bookalore, Bangalore’s Big Little Book Club.

He writes, illustrate and designs children’s books under the pseudonym Greystroke and produces films/does film-related work under the banner Wannabe Studios. He is the (producer and) director of Onan (Tamil/English, 2009) “India’s First Full-Length Guerrilla Feature Film”, the result of a one-of-its kind online collaboration among 15 filmmakers and film lovers from 7 countries around the world.

He has a degree in Zoology, an MBA in Marketing and is qualified in 2D/3D animation design, special effects and non-linear editing. He is the art director for Melting Pot, a content & design house, and is part of the team behind the award-winning Mahindra newsletter, Skyline. He also worked on two children’s magazines (HOOT and TOOT, 2009 – 2013) published by Hachette India and Impulse Marketing,

Shyam currently lives in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

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Bookalore is an independent group of children’s writers, illustrators, editors, librarians, teachers and filmmakers. Its monthly fun-based events for children and young adults will be held across Bangalore at libraries, schools, bookshops, art galleries, museums, theatres and other public spaces.

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Are films your thing? Then DO SOMETHING about it.™

 Wannabe Studios is a worldwide network, founded for and by independent filmmakers, to make films through true collaboration – without borders, without limits, and without a budget! It is a place for independent filmmakers and film lovers to hang around. Ideate. Write. Produce. Direct. Act. Edit. Score. Exhibit. Talk. View. Review. Rate. Encourage. Critique. DO something. Join the network now!

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The S2F2 , (The Stepping Stone Film Festival), an IMDB qualifying festival, is a not-for-profit venture of Wannabe Studios, aimed at discovering and showcasing independent films (short and feature) from emerging filmmaking talent from around the world. The last season of The S2F2 saw 158 films from over 24 countries participating. Submit your film today!

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You can reach Shyam by email or telephone:
+91 8971475795 (INDIA/MOBILE) • +91 (80) 28436745 (INDIA/OFFICE)