What’s taking you so long?
Should we stay or should we go?

The sun will go down soon,
And with it my hopes,
My bag is packed, and it sits right here,
In it are my dreams, and now, my fears.

What’s taking you so long,
Should we stay or should we leave?
Will you come soon to take us,
Or should we catch the next bus?

At least that’s what I imagined what was going on in the woman’s mind, coming nearly half an hour into her wait (no, it wasn’t sundown, I imagined that too; it was nearly noon!). I shot this scene from across the street while doing some waiting of my own. My companions and I were waiting for our special-request aloo paranthas to manifest from a reluctant cook at the little ‘restaurant’ we favoured in Guptkashi.

It was that odd time of day between breakfast and lunch when you get neither at eating places. But being repeat customers helped, and our mountain guide Kishen had taken it upon himself to negotiate our way into an ad hoc breakfast. The truth is, it was more necessity than a choice — there was pretty much nowhere else we could eat at!

By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to find chicken (meat in general) to eat during pilgrim season? Forget chicken, not even eggs! We did find our chicken, though. But about that on some other day!

Guptkashi, May 2014
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