Mumbai (yes, Bombay of yore) is a city on the move. A living, breathing animal of sorts, one that almost never sleeps in its need to stay moving so that life goes on. A city where space is at a premium many times more than in some of the most expensive places in the world — $1,100 per square foot in the last quarter of 2011! Also the city that is home to Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world. A paradox of highrises and shanties it may be, but Mumbai is always one thing… utterly human. This photo of a couple sitting on the marine drive at noon with the sun beating down on them, merciless in its brilliant torture, epitomises Mumbai — wide open spaces are the last refuge for couples like them to find privacy in a city that has a population density of almost 23,000 people per square kilometre.“They probably come from a joint family that lives in a house, 6 people to 500 square feet,” explained a friend.“This is probably the only place where they can have some privacy”. Mumbai in a picture. A thousand words, as they say…

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